Creative Spaces Co. CIC is a relatively new company set up by Rachael O’Byrne with the aim to bring arts, culture and creative happenings to spaces across Liverpool. I sat down with her to find out more.

With over ten years of local community development experience, Rachael explained that she’s seen first-hand the benefits of grassroots arts and culture in allowing communities to empower themselves and thrive.

After joining & getting funding from the School for Social Entrepreneurs Start-Up Programme, Creative Spaces Co. also got some Big Lottery funding to put on events in spaces throughout Liverpool.

They’ve been putting on events over the last year;

  • The Story Box (an interactive reading experience for children)
The Story Box appearing
  • Good Times (games, storytelling, yoga and more)

“Creative Spaces Co. is about finding those hidden gems in our city and bringing colour and activity to them, creating a stronger sense of community and ownership. It’s about families playing, learning and exploring together and for us all to say, we deserve the best public and community spaces. Essentially, we’re about building Social Capital.” – Rachael.

If you’d be interested in going along to one of Creative Spaces’ Events, you can find their events page here and they’re also on both Twitter and Facebook which are both updated regularly.

The Latest event was on the 24th of August, in Warbreck Moor: