The Mighty Reds have taken a few losses on the pitch lately in preseason and appear to be taking some PR losses off the pitch too.

LFC Bosses have attempted to trademark the word “Liverpool” in a footballing context as well as the, now famous, lyrics “Allez Allez Allez” and “6 Times”.

Local club City of Liverpool FC and Spriit of Shankly Liverpool Supporters Union have commented on Twitter that they are not happy with the attempt at trademarking the word “Liverpool” and such a move would alienate fans.

A Liverpool spokesman said: “We are applying to register ‘Liverpool’ as a trademark, but only in the context of football products and services. We are not, and wouldn’t ever, seek to register ‘Liverpool’ across the board.

“This application is strictly to protect the club and supporters from those benefiting from inauthentic products.”

LFC failed in an attempted to trademark “Allez allez allez” (go/going in French) last November after Liverpool fans had adopted the chant from Portuguese side Porto.

The song originates from an obscure 1985 Italian Disco hit L’Estate Sta Finendo (The Summer Is Ending), by the duo Righeira. Put that one in your local pub quiz!

Italian 1980’s Disco Duo Righeira

For a more in-depth analysis, Jeff Goulding’s article below on Tales of Anfield Road is a fantastic read.